Little Man School House

Young 5s

Little Man School House is a young 5s/transitional kindergarten program designed for children who may need an extra year to grow before starting Kindergarten.

An extra year can have a huge impact on a child’s social & emotional development, in particular, children whose birthdays land in the second half of the calendar year (July-December). Students must turn 5 by December 31 in order to enroll.

The small size of the Young 5s class (10 students max) allows for individual attention to ensure students are developing the necessary social, emotional and academic skills to enter kindergarten confident and eager to learn. Little Man School House is located on just over an acre in north west Atherton where students benefit from a park-like outdoor setting and the intimacy of a small scale classroom. Situated close to Alameda de Las Pulgas, Little Man School House is easy to get to from Redwood City, Menlo Park & Palo Alto.

The language arts curriculum used in the Young 5s program is developed with the guidance of California Kindergarten state standards. Language arts and Math are taught through music and using the “Handwriting Without Tears” Kindergarten program which guides the other activities of the school day, including:

art    gardening    physical activity    and    science

The school day consists of both small and large group directed activities in addition to time for children to engage in free play. Free choice is an important part of the program. The activities offered are developmentally appropriate and each child works at their own pace. Additionally, several field trips will be taken throughout the year.

You can find more information about the outstanding “Handwriting Without Tears” program at their website:


Young 5s

Let’s Learn!


License # 414002765

Atherton, CA

Class days/time:  M-F 9am-1pm

Class Size:  limited to 10 students

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